Coastal Drilling

As the 2020 elections approach. Our voice is so important to determine the future policy of a possible new administration.

In December of 2016, the Obama Administration banned offshore drilling along the Atlantic coast as well as large areas of the Arctic. In 2018, the Trump administration attempted to lift the ban through executive order, yet was stopped by Alaska’s District Court.

Although, the department of the Interior is still considering applications aimed at conducting seismic surveys for oil and gas deposits off the Atlantic Coast.

The Trump Administration’s rollback of Obama era off-shore drilling regulations is estimated to save oil companies nearly 980 million in the next decade. These regulations came about after the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe, which put in place measures in place to safeguard humans and the environment against the devastating effects of offshore drilling.

The deepwater Horizon explosion took 11 lives and caused irreparable damage to the priceless ecosystem.

Offshore drilling is a risk to biodiversity, coastal economies, and human health. The rollback of drilling regulation not only add to the intensification of these risks but also allow for lower entry barriers for oil companies.

A popular theory to entice the transition towards clean energy is to price fossil fuels out of the market. To achieve this, a carbon tax is a reasonable option. As the price of carbon-based energy increases, clean energy will become more available as more resources are used to promote the transition.

The Trump Administration’s rollback of regulations is a step in the wrong direction.

Let’s show our support towards clean energy policy as well as the cessation of offshore drilling.

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1 Mr Noah G. Jul 18, 2019

Coastal Drilling

As America continues to evolve as a net energy exporter, the costs of offshore drilling make it clear its practice is becoming obsolete. Alternatives to carbon-based fuels are the future, while offshore drilling is distinctively living in the distant past. Neither oil nor gas will ever be safe or clean, and while the transition away from carbon-based fuels may seem tedious, the practice of procuring oil and gas in the most damaging way should end.

The ocean is our greatest resource, it provides us with oxygen and helps regulate the earth’s climate. “Energy security” should not come at the cost of unbalancing the earth system, not to mention the impact oil on local ecosystems and economies.

Petroleum companies are the only beneficiaries from this practice, while local citizens and the environment pay the price.

Let’s end this obsolete practice.

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